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If you have children they probably watch a lot of Disney Channel TV shows. Consequently they must be really big fans of the program. One of the reasons Disney Channel manages to connect in such a great way with its young audience is because it employs young actors, mostly teenagers and even little children. You probably heard some of their names. Now they are real stars, famous worldwide and financially secured.

If your child shows acting talent from an early age you should consider taking him or her to some TV auditions for Disney Channel. Of course, you must first talk to your kid about this and see if he or she is as willing and as excited about the idea as you are. Be sure to explain the ups and down. The advantages are many and it’s not hard to find them, but you should focus on the disadvantages: the effort you and your child will have to make, and the stress and pressure that will be on your little one. It will be hard to make it into Disney, but if the both of you are determined to give the best you can, you will make it!


First of all, you have to make sure your child is ready for an audition. A Disney Channel public audition is very popular and a large number of children will be there to contest for the same part, so you have to make sure your child is better than all of them. Consider signing your kid up for some acting classes. There are many good acting schools which can teach your child a lot about acting. They also have a lot of relations with talent agents and if your child shows great progress, an agent might be interested in representing him or her.

Having an agent is another way of getting auditions for Disney Channel. An agent will help your child get into a private audition with one of the casting directors. A private audition is way more important and exclusive than an open one. If the director has agreed to a private audition, it means that he or she thinks highly of your son or daughter, so this means that your child is one step closer to be a television star!

No matter what kind of auditions, private or public, your child is attending remember that in the end talent and practice is what really counts!

So if you are looking for movie auditions for Disney channel, your best bet lies in foremost logging on to the Disney channel, check out possible auditions on Disney channel and then throw your heart into the ring or if you prefer, throw your heart over the bar and let the body follow. If you are inspired to showcase your talents to the world, auditions on Disney Channel are just what you might have been looking for; movie auditions on Disney channel -now that’s a wagon that you definitely want to hitch on to, all the best.

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