All About Video Branding

All about Video Branding


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YouTube is not only the fourth most visited site on the internet but it is also the second most used search engine just after Google. Along with it, the website also captuers the position of the fourth most visited websites. That is the power of video branding. Another bit of trivia is that the average online viewer watches 12.2 hours of online videos each month. All this is nothing but video branding.


Why is video branding required: Video branding is required for a number of reasons. A few of them are. Increasing link popularity Incerasing revenue generation Capturing more leads or more number of hits Creating, building and maintaining your brand in the media market The objective of video branding is not that customers say that you are better than your competitors. There main objective is to project that you are the one who has solutions to their problems and convince them too. Video Branding – Step by step guide: When editing videos, identify the safe zones. Safe zones are those that definitely show up on normal television screens. This means try not to put anything in the 10% border around the video. Make sure that the titles and captions should not be seen on the screen. Use the logo (if any) at screen resolution. Do not try and tamper with color coding of the logo. It may amount to a legal offence. also logo is the backbone of your business. Any text, caption or video element should not surround the logo and the space around logo should be clear. This will reinforce the brand image. Fix the position of the logo and use it at the same place every time. Ensure contrast between text and background, so that visibility is not hampered. How to upload video on the web in the best way: Look for the format which is acceptable at the video hosting site and convert your video into that format. The file size may also be an issue when it comes to uploading. Confirm all these specifications of the website which will host your video before editing your video. For best results, compress your video with the following settings before uploading to the web. Video format: MPEG-4, or MPEG-2 Audio format: mp3 or mp4 30 frames per second Resolution: 640 x 480 Aspect ratio: 4 x 3 How do I brand videos: There are designated software’s for branding videos. They are either available on purchase, or trial versions that last 24 hours from the time of installation. In any case, searching online for the best option is the way to go about it. All you need to do is go online and Google ‘video branding software’ and a host of options will pop up. Many sites also offer video branding software and services for a fee. They also provide you with helpful staff who will coordinate with you and will solve your queries regarding videos and a user friendly interface. There are also a lot of video branding production houses that tie up with social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to better market your product. Often a peek into what services they offer is available on the web in the form of videos. This also tells you if there videos are as good as they claim them to be or not. Most important an crucial factor is to decide on budget and exact product requirements. Often staff at these companies are experienced enough to handle abstract requirements regarding feel and emotions of the concept that you wish to present through the video. Extensively search for the best product in the market before you come to a final decision. Get a reasonable idea of what you want to portray. Remember, the more abstract the idea, the more are the charges.

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