Cobs Gypsy Vanner And Welsh Section D Cobs

Cobs – Gypsy Vanner and Welsh section D Cobs





Cob is a name given to a type of horse rather than a breed. It’s used to express the horse’s body type. Cobs are short legged and have a compact muscular sturdy body which makes the cob a good weight carrier. Cobs are very popular type of horse as they are extremely versatile. Cobs can be used for showing, driving, dressage, show jumping, cross country and hacking. Cobs make excellent horses

for novice or nervous riders as they have a calm temperament and have a steady way of going with low movement making a cob a comfortable smooth ride. The cob has a docile and kind nature.

Popular cob types – The show cob – The traditional Cob – Gypsy Vanner – The Welsh mountain Section D cob The Show Cob Show cobs are divided into 3 groups. Light weight cob – standing between 14.2 and 15.1 hands, and able to carry a rider up to the weight of 14 stone. Heavy weight cob – standing between 14.2 and 15.1 hands, and able to carry a rider over the weight of 14 stone. Maxi cob – standing from 15.1 hands. Show cobs are turned out with a hogged mane to show off the horse’s topline, a pulled tail, usually cut two inches below the point of hock and trimmed legs. There is an old saying about show cobs, “to have the head of a lady and the back side of a cook”. Traditional Cobs – Gypsy Vanners The gypsy vanner is the traditional cob, developed from breeding Friesians, dale ponies, Clydesdales and shire horses to create the beautiful traditional cob favoured by Romany travellers to pull their caravans. Traditional cobs come in all colours but the most famous being the pie bald (black and white) cob and the skew bald (brown and white) cob. There is a extensive range of Cob horses for sale on the Horsewizard website. One of the traditional cobs most famous features being their heavily feathered legs starting from the knee on the front legs and at or near the hock on the back legs. Traditional cobs have thick manes and tails often with a wave. The Welsh section D cob The Welsh Section D Cob is a perfect example of what a cob type should look like. The Welsh mountain Section D Cob is the largest member in the Welsh breed registries, standing over 13.2 hands. They can be any colour except pie bald (black and white) and skew bald (brown and white). Welsh Section D Cobs are famous for their elegant elevated trot gait. Horses for Sale – HorsewizardCob Horses for Sale

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