How To Act In Spite Of Your Fears}

How To Act In Spite Of Your Fears


success resourcesMost people have plenty of thoughts and feelings, but the problem for many seems to be the ability to take action. The culprit, of course, is fear.Fear can be one of the biggest things holding you back from wealth, happiness and success. Just think about it. How many times have you lost valuable opportunities because you were afraid that they won’t work out or that you might fail even before trying?It could be a job interview that you declined, or an investment opportunity that requires some amount of risk. Then there is the classic example of finding a soulmate. You might have someone in mind whom you are interested in, but you just didn’t have the courage to tell him or her.So you see, fear is a HUGE obstacle in many aspects of our lives, preventing us from living happy, peaceful and abundant lives. That’s why if you want to succeed in any area of your life, you MUST cultivate the trait of courage. Courage is defined as the ability to confront fear, danger or uncertainty. To put it simply, it is the ability to take action in spite of fear.So what is fear? What does it come from? What is its purpose in your life?Understanding the Root of FearLike an over-worried mother, fear is actually there to protect you. Fear teaches you to stay safe, but it also predicts the outcome before it has happened, by focusing on the negative aspects and preventing you from taking risks.Of course, some risks should be avoided. But when it comes to taking the right actions necessary to attain wealth and success, you must learn to act in spite of your fears, as it is the ONLY way to take one step closer towards your dreams.Sadly, the protective mind can all too easily be fooled by fear, tricking you into believing the self-doubts and uncertainty you have. Its favorite words are “what if”, “what if this happens?”, and “what if that happens?” Even though none of these things have actually happened, and chances are none of these things will ever happen, this “soap opera” script continues to blare loudly in your head.Understand that the protective mind is not necessarily to be believed because its purpose is to anticipate pain. And since anticipation is based in the future and the future only exists in your imagination, fear does NOT exist in reality. It only lives in your head. The protective mind’s agenda has NOTHING to do with making you happy or successful, but only to keep you in a place that is safe, secure and familiar.How Can I Overcome My Fear?The most effective way to master your fear is not to try to get rid of it, but to tame it. You can do that by acknowledging your feelings, and then taking action anyway in spite of these feelings.Fear itself holds no real power over you. You and you alone give fear its power. If you allow fear to stop you, it will. But if you recognize it as the protective part of you, doing its job (far too well), you can simply say to your mind, “thank you for sharing” and then proceed into action. This way, you are taking the power back and taking the control away from the fear. You are not dismissing it, but you are not giving into it either.Many successful people have fear, along with doubts and worries. The difference is that those who know how to succeed also know how to take action despite these worries and fears. You too can learn how to master your fear, by understanding that the voice of fear is not you. It is only a conditioned “tape” from the past projecting into the future. Once you can recognize that you are the one playing the tape and not the tape itself, you are free!When you are free from the fear of failure, you will have a clear path leading you towards the success you deserve.Here’s a simple exercise you can try that will help you come up with the answers you need to break past the barriers stopping you from success.Exercise:Think of your dreams, your relationships, your career, your time, your recreational activities, and your environment (where you live and with whom you associate).Where in your life are you letting fear, doubt or worry stop you from taking the necessary actions for happiness and success?What would you do if you could not fail?From this day forth, begin to act as if you could not fail and watch as miracles unfold!

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