How To Keep Your Bamboo Shades Clean

How to Keep Your Bamboo Shades Clean


Allan Michael Taylor

When you use bamboo shades in your home to help keep the sunlight out when you need to, one of the problems you might run into with this kind of window shades is keeping it clean. Some people complain that they tend to see mildew growing on it or black spots marring the once spotless look of their bamboo blinds. You can keep your shades clean and spotless with a few cleaning and maintenance tips that are easy to follow.

When you want to keep your bamboo shades in the same circumstance as when you first bought it and hung it up in your house, you will need to do a bit of regular maintenance to help keep it as such. Of course, since these window shades are made of a combination of porous materials, namely bamboo strips and various grasses and reeds, you will need to remember that moisture is an enemy and trying to keep these shades relatively dry most of the time will help keep them in a presentable state.


One of the things you will have to keep in mind when you have to clean your bamboo shades is that while moisture can damage the materials your shades are made of, this does not mean that all you can do with these window covers are dry cleaning or vacuuming. You will still need to clean your eco-friendly window shades with the use of some damp cleaning materials that can take off any deep seated dirt or dust and give it a little sheen or shine when you do so. How do you do this? It is simple enough and all you will need is a clean and dry, wide soft paint brush, a couple of damp and clean washcloths, some mineral oil and you are good to go.

You will first need to take down your bamboo shades and place these on your porch floor for you to clean properly without getting dust flying all over you and your furniture. Brush off the dust from these window shades and wipe it down with one of the damp washcloths to take off any hard to remove dirt and dust particles from the blinds. Let this air dry first after you use the damp washcloth on it so as to avoid the growth of molds or mildew. To do this, hang these shades over your porch rail or hang them outside to dry in the air.

Once your bamboo shades are clean and dry, brush off again with the dry soft brush to remove any other possible dust and dirt particles that may have settled on it while it was drying. Next, get the other damp washcloth and put a few drops of mineral oil on it. Try to make sure that you do not use too much or the oil will damage the bamboo and reeds on your window shades. Run this slightly oily piece of cloth over the entire length of your shades, making sure that you do coat it properly with this small bit of oil. This will help give your shades a glossy and clean look. Let air dry for a little while once again and hang up in your windows once it’s dry.

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