How To Kill Time

How to Kill Time



In rapid times, we are busy working or studying. However, there are some time when we have nothing to do. Then you may pound on how to kill time. Some of my friends usually bother me or call me when they feel bored in their leisure time. I think there are really some good ways to kill time and you can get fun from it.

When you are waiting for an appointment, you can hand out your checkbook to check your deposits and debits to ensure the entries are up to date.

It is time to clean out your old contacts and phone numbers or messages that have no use or outdate when you sit on bus. Of you can organize your purse when you wait for your noodles at home.

If you are girls or housewives, knitting or crocheting may be good choice. If you have boyfriend, you can knit a scarf for him as a surprise or gift. Or you can knit mittens or potholders for your parents.


String beads can be good choice if you like hand arts.

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Reading a book can help you broaden your horizon or learn some useful thing. When you read newspapers or magazines, you can learn some news or fresh things to enrich your life. When you read some encouraging articles, you can get energy from it and make you happy.

Write a blog in your journal or text a message to your friend to express your wishes and care. Writing a blog or diary can record your mood and feelings about your life and you can have something to recall when times goes by. Or if you are good at writing, you can write poetries or articles and send to Magazine Agency to earn some money.

There are too much ways to spend you spare time as long as you want to make the most of you time. Cherish your time as life is really short!

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