Metal Curtain Rings Modern Design Elements For Your Window Treatments}

Metal Curtain Rings – Modern Design Elements For Your Window Treatments


Tanya Gibbons

Metal curtain rings are centered on modern design elements. These fantastic accessories are not only stylish in the way they contribute a sleek modern accent to your overall theme; but they are extremely functional as well. Generally, these rings consist of solid material, making them extremely durable; and strong. You will see these mainly in settings where there is a very large or thick curtain being used.


Unlike wood rings, metal curtain rings are manufactured more so as a durable response to the demand for curtain rod hardware that can handle some of the more thick and extravagant curtains that are becoming more main stream in the modern design market. However, there is no shortage of sleek styles when it comes to these seemingly simple accessories. Much of the styling element revolves around the many different finishes that are available for metal curtain rings. While in fact many are manufactured in one, common type of metal such as steel or even aluminum, there is a large array of different finishes that can be incorporated to the surface to offer a unique look.Currently, one of the most popular combinations is a solid steel ring finished with an English walnut colored powder coat. The sleek and smooth design of the ring is perfectly complemented by the neutrality of the walnut color, offering a fantastic accent to a neutral based modern drapery set. Aside from this popular combination, there are some more expensive options that exhibit very sharp finishes by incorporating more exotic metals. These metals include chrome, nickel, or even brass. Metal Curtain Rings – FinishesBrushed nickel and polished chrome are among the most durable; these finishes also offer an unmatched modern element with their immense shine and sharp color. Brass rings tend to clash slightly more with modern based color schemes; however, they are very functional in a country or western based theme and can really brighten up an area that is dominated by otherwise darker shades. In some cases, brass can complement modern color schemes perfectly; specifically color schemes revolving around browns, beige, or different shades of green.

If you happen to go the route of a heavy set of modern drapery and need extreme longevity,

metal curtain rings

function as the perfect supplement in this situation. However, ensure you purchase drapery prior to purchasing your

drapery hardware

, as it can be frustrating to get drapery home and find it clashes with your hardware.

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Metal Curtain Rings – Modern Design Elements For Your Window Treatments}