Personal Injury Claim For The Elderly

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Everybody is subject to personal injury at one time or another. Many cases have been brought up to court because victims are conscientious about their rights to compensation. A strong young victim is more capable of bringing a case to court. Such is not the case among the elderly. Characteristic to older folks is being resigned with what is happening around them. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like they are being neglected but in actuality they are most likely victims of negligent caregivers. Health care practitioners often get away with causing personal injuries to seniors. If your loved one may be subjected to personal and emotional injuries, you may seek the help of a good lawyer to seek compensation for damages brought about by negligent health care providers.

The number of elderly being signed up in nursing homes has been steadily growing and nursing homes are pressured to provide adequate and competent staffing to care for their ballooning clients. When an elderly parent is brought to a nursing home, a contract will be signed detailing the procedure and the house rules that the patient and the loved ones will conform with. When a parent is put in a nursing home, it doesn’t mean that the children do not want to care for him or her. It only means that the adult children think that a nursing home will better be able to provide proper health care to an aging parent. It is very expensive to pay for the nursing home fees, so one would expect only the best attention and treatment to be given to an elderly parent or relative.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. Because the elderly are more enduring and more reconciled with what could happen to them, negligence is often overlooked. Sometimes, due to the strict policies in nursing homes, patients become victims of personal injury without telling their children or relatives. An elderly person requires time to socialize and should not be isolated to prevent depression, however, due to the number of patients needing attention and the limited staff to care for them, not everybody gets the attention he or she needs. As a result, they get injured physically or emotionally. Depression is a type of emotional injury that results from being isolated in a nursing home. When an elderly is depressed, there is a high risk for suicide and regression or acting out that could potentially harm or injure them physically. On the other hand, a negligent health care practitioner may not perform proper hygienic measures, especially for patients with limited movement and are often confined to their beds. These could result to pressure sores or what are more commonly known as bed sores. This is an example of physical injury resulting from neglect of an elderly.

The nursing home and the staff may become liable for compensation if these were proven correctly by the children or the relative. Choose the best personal injury lawyer whom the patient can be comfortable with to get the right information. Statistically, there are very few reports of personal injury against senior clients. In reality, this may not be the case. You should be meticulous in examining scars and bruises that weren’t there the last time you saw your old folk. As a loved one, it is your responsibility to determine whether your patient is getting the best care that he or she deserves. Moreover, it is your duty to provide them attention and the dignity to live their remaining years in life.

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