Rv Campsites To Choose From In Lake Champlain, Vermont

Submitted by: Joseph Pressley

One of top vacation spots in Vermont is the Lake Champlain. It is where the mysterious legendary sea creature named Champ lives which a lot of people would love to keep an eye on. It offers a natural freshwater wherein you will be able to do different kinds of activities. It would be a great spot for a big break and relaxation. You can plan your activity and identify the places where you can possibly stay.

If you plan to camp around the lake and stay a little longer, you can choose between using a tent, staying around the rooms for rent and drive your recreational vehicle. RVs are considered to be very convenient places for traveling and camping because it is just like staying inside your house. When using one, you must not only think of your safety by bringing a tazer gun, but you must also think of the possible areas where you can park conveniently and have access to different services that you need.

One of the RV campgrounds where you can stay especially in this specific lake in Vermont is on the 10 Acres Campground and RV Park. It is a family-oriented site because of the different amenities that they can offer. You can try fishing in the lake while letting your kids have a good start at the fishing ponds. For your vehicle, you will be able to hook up with their water and electric supply and their sewers as well.


The Grand Isle State Park is another popular choice by many tourists. It is a wide area that accommodates RVs, trailers, tent campers and also those who want to stay on their rooms. In order to avail such services, you must get a pass from their entrance which is an electronic security gate. You can play volleyball inside, swim, boat and fish in the lake. There are even games that you can join and interpretative programs you can witness.

Lastly, you can also stay in the Lone Pine Campsites. There are around 265 RV sites and you will surely have a space for your own vehicle. The good thing about this place is that you have an access to the internet. You can quickly check your mail if you want to. There are free rides for the children and of course you have all the time that you want to have a dip on the lake and do different water activities.

When going to such trips using your recreational vehicle, you must remember to pack along your pepper spray gun for more safety. Make sure that you have all the things that you need inside. It must include your stack of food, clothes and gears that you will need. Moreover, you must make sure that your vehicle is in good condition for a long trip. Pay all the necessary fees for parking within the site that you chose.

These are the possible choices that you can have for RV campgrounds along the amazing Lake Champlain in Vermont. You must be able to choose the one which you believe has the services that will be best not only for you but for your companions as well.

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