Source Link Hosting Simplifies Document Management In Quick Books

Submitted by: John Watts

SourceLink is the award-winning document management software for QuickBooks. SourceLink is a powerful document management program that gives you the ability to easily file, retrieve and organize your source documents associated with each QuickBooks record. With complete access and ownership of your company records, you can take control of your documents with multitude of benefits. With just a click of mouse, you are able to attach, detach, view, and email documents linked in QuickBooks. The process of linking documents is comparable to attaching a file to an e-mail. You can click and link files stored on your computer or you can scan more files directly into SourceLink.

SourceLink eliminates the cost of filing and storing documents physically and, thus, helps you create a paperless office. You no more have to worry about the file cabinets and the storage of physical papers. You will save a lot of time spend in filing and searching for the needed documents manually. The benefits of reduced operating costs for your firm can be passed on to your customers, which allow your services to be priced more competitively while maintaining high profit margins. Paperless offices also provide clients with faster service and increased customer satisfaction.

Hosted SourceLink integrates seamlessly with all hosted QuickBooks versions including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions. For both single user and multiple users environments, SourceLink acts as the best document management software solution currently available in the business software market. SourceLink hosting allows you to easily file and retrieve your source documents to and from the QuickBooks invoices, purchase orders, payments, and any of the different QuickBooks records directly.

SourceLink hosting along with QuickBooks hosting offers a much easy to use financial management software solution. QuickBooks hosting helps you to manage your business effectively as it provides you with quick and simple features to meet your business needs. SourceLink hosting, along with hosted QuickBooks, benefits your business by providing a fully efficient and complete Document Management System for QuickBooks.

With SourceLink hosting, analysis of the QuickBooks data becomes very simple as all of the details can be electronically accessed.


Benefits of SourceLink Hosting

You get multitude of advantages by availing SourceLink hosting along with QuickBooks hosting. Listed below are some of the major benefits that one derives through SourceLink hosting.

Cost Efficiency

Hosting boosts the efficiency of your budget by removing the need for big capital outlays on hardware and data centers, as well as the payroll required for regular maintenance and upgrades. The money you put into purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and software, could instead be used for new projects. When you get hosted an application, you pay as your business grows and do not get engaged in over-purchasing capacity upfront. This saves your money expenditure in hardware, software, upgrades, and work-hours.

Applications Accessible To Employees at Multiple Locations

Hosting provides remote and secure connectivity for multiple users from wherever they want to use the system, for example, whether from their cars, homes, or their office. You get remote access to hosted SourceLink through the Internet.

Increased Profits

By serving customers globally, at lower costs, you can immensely gain on your profits.

Managed Backups

Host ensures that your critical business data is being regularly backed up. The backup and restore mechanisms are routinely tested, and reasonable and practical disaster recovery plans are always in place to ensure business continuity.

Technical Support

Host provides 24/7/365 technical support without charging any amount of money.


SourceLink hosting companies integrate extensive security measures to protect your data from threats both physical and online. Host uses the latest in security industry to give you the strongest level of protection available. A powerful, fully integrated portfolio of security services, managed devices, and best practices, all designed to ensure the highest levels of protection for customer s data is provided by the host.

About the Author: John Watts is an expert in the field of business application software at Real Time Data Services. He specializes in the software technology concerning these areas accounting, CRM, taxation, RDBMS, etc.


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