The Aftereffect Of Residential Apartment Houses In Uttar Pradesh

The Aftereffect of Residential Apartment Houses in Uttar Pradesh


Paarth Kumar

Eventually the most controversial state Uttar Pradesh can talk about itself a lot. This is due to the urbanization taking place then and there. Large corporate houses are here making their base. Commercialization is speaking loudmouth. Therefore, the workforce whether belonging to the private firms or to the PSUs need roofs over their heads. They need shelters. Thus, there was the urge for

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. Lands and buildings were sold like hot cakes. They became scarce and wherever open spaces were left there high rise constructions were implemented. This was perhaps the optimal solution to consume land, water and power supplies.


For both the commercial and residential units connectivity and accessibility were established. Roads, bridges and highways were constructed to ascertain their availabilities. People came forth dictating their needs and kinds of homes and office complexes. Some preferred eco friendly while others opted in the hustling bustling crowds. Ultra luxuries and modern amenities were at their forefront. Therefore luxury real estate India was clamoring for profound facilities. More prone were the cities that were in the vicinity of the metropolitan ones. Hence, after making influences in Noida, Ghaziabad and Allahabad, urbanization spread to Lucknow which is also known as the Constantinople of India.

IT Parks, SEZ, office complexes and educational hubs were established. With them came the

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. The real estate industry was experiencing phenomenal growth whatsoever. Finally the manpower got the houses to live in to protect themselves from the severities of nature or to manifest their worthiness. The city was partitioned into tier I and tier II. Despite this the real estate industry witnessed a sharp decline in the last two years. This was because the fresh graduates showed deviation for jobs to some other sectors; there were protests from the farmers and delay in government clearances. Even after these the real estate industry stood next to agriculture in generating revenues.

People went into the affairs of purchasing the immovable properties. This was intended to carry out businesses. They were purchased either to put them in rent or at lease or for the purpose of resale. People found Investment Growth over these. Money was spent on them and huge returns were expected. Upon seeing this, the government liberalized the FDI regimes which compelled the NRIs to make their investment here. They did it possibly for their comebacks or for lending them for businesses. This scenario prevailed then too and it exists now also. This is how the cities of Uttar Pradesh were being built.

Thus, construction projects of national and international repute were being executed. Thee development authorities of the cities worked together with the government and successfully accomplished many of them. Having done these residential and commercial units the slum dwellers got the jobs of minions. They worked here as maids, servants and other housekeeping staffs. Thus, people were indulged in constructive works and it was a measure taken to curb violence and crimes. Hence, the real estate industry is a matter of subjective discussion.

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