What To Do After You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident

byAlma Abell

Any car accident can be quite traumatic; the actions that people take immediately after the collision can have a long term impact on the outcome of any claim for damages that they may make. If you are involved in a car accident, as well as calling a car accident lawyer in Michigan, there are a number of things that you should do:

Call the police:

If there have been injuries, the police must be called immediately. If, in your opinion, the damage will not amount to much, then you might consider dealing with a claim yourself.


The best thing from your point of view is that you will have a written report of the accident and the circumstances as seen by the officer. The report will include such important information a skid marks, whether conditions and road conditions and the report will indicate if the other driver was cited for a violation of traffic laws.

Get medical attention:

You may not think you sustained an injury but you would be surprised at the number of cases where internal injuries in particular don’t show up for weeks after the accident. Always get medical attention, if you wait too long it can make it difficult to show that your injury was actually caused by the accident.

Witness statements:

If you can, get statements from witnesses to the accident. Always try to get the personal details of anyone that tried to help at the scene and a statement of what they observed.

Never admit fault:

Never admit fault, don’t get out of your car and apologize. If you say something to this effect it may be used as an admission of fault. Never agree to make a statement on the record; always contact a car accident lawyer in Michigan. Once the insurance company has your statement you are stuck with it and even the best lawyer will have difficulty helping you.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident always contact a car accident lawyer in Michigan before you make any statements to insurance adjusters. You are welcome to contact http://www.thurswell.com/.