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Submitted by: Drew70

Personal Safety

Have you ever been afraid to walk alone are you always looking behind you for some unseen threat? Many of us have had the same feeling and its justified by all the bad news we hear. Who does not have a friend that was attacked, robbed, raped or worse murdered while just walking to the store? Our streets are not safe and assaults have become all too common. Here is one methodology that ladies can use to turn the tables on an aggressor.

Lipstick pepper sprays have been designed for girls but should be carried by men too. The pretend lipstick can defend you from an attacker or even an animal. Handy for joggers or anyone UN simply walking to a parking space. Recently a girl was grabbed and abducted as she walked home from the bus. You most likely saw it on the national news because it was recorded by a monitoring camera. Its especially necessary for ladies work alone like in real estate. Meeting strangers in vacant properties at all hours is dangerous for them and upsetting to their families. There are many assaults on sales ladies of late.


Walking to your automobile has become dangerous a day doesnt go by without hearing about somebody being attacked. Simply looking out for men is not enough; ladies out there are as dangerous as any man. We live in dangerous times and dont rely on anyone else coming to help you, it is necessary to defend yourself.

Be aware of your surroundings, when talking on the phone you want to be alert, dont get lost in the call. It is easy to be assaulted and your phone taken right out your hand. Stay alert to danger and you will have more time to run away or defend yourself. Mace spray will be a life saver if you defend yourself. Your life could depend on your alertness, be ready for anything.

Have your spray within easy reach carry it in your pocket or bag for fast access. If you are feeling nervous or scared, go to your pocket or bag and pull out the spray and be set to spray your aggressor in the face.

To use the spray take off the cap, point it at the aggressors face then press the button. Once you have sprayed the attacker run to a safe place. If it is windy protect your eyes with your other hand. The sprays effective distance is approximately 6-8 feet.

Knowing you are carrying Mace in your bag will make you feel safer. The Mace aerosol is convenient and easy to carry and gives you protection where ever you are. It’s a very reliable non-lethal protection weapon that stops aggressor.

Mace is an inflammatory chemical that should be used only for self-defense. It will cause coughing, choking, nausea, burning eyes and briefly stop an aggressor. A burst will stop an attack while not inflicting any permanent injury and the effects will wear off after about 45 minutes.

About the Author: A bit about myself and why I chose to engage in the marketing of security products. 30 Years of experience in a large government investigative agency and 15 more years in the field of 911 emergency systems have made me acutely aware of the dangerous world we live in. I have seen the physical and mental damage that results from not being able to defend one’s self, family, employees or customers from assaults, robbery, rape and even murder. Much pain and sorrow can be eliminated with a little training and practice in the use of personal protection products. There are products presented on the Drew70 web pages that will help to protect against assaults and property loss. It is better to stop an assault or theft before it happens but when you can’t video evidence will greatly improve the chances of arresting and convicting the perpetrator. I personally would feel negligent if I did not do what I could to help prevent harm to my fellow beings.


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