The Family Friendly Soundproof Wall

By David Faulkner

A happy home is not necessarily a quiet one, and if you are a homeowner with kids, there may be times when you would like to be able to shut the door on the squabbling, or roughhousing, or shrieks of delight from the younger ones and the blasting music and the wee hours television from the older ones. But shutting the door won’t do much good if only a thin, un-insulated wall is separating you from the goings-on.

Benefits Of A Soundproof Wall

Having a soundproof wall, or walls, between your sanctuary–be it a bedroom, office, or den–and the family room or kid’s rooms, or wherever your home’s hotspots are–can make the difference between restful nights and irritable sessions at the breakfast table during which everyone starts the day off in a bad frame of mind.

A soundproof wall will also let you and you spouse feel more comfortable in intimate moments, and by allowing you to put up with the natural noisiness which accompanies a house full of kids, let your kids feel comfortable staying at home where you know they are safe.


If you have a home business, or do telecommuting, you know how difficult it can be to concentrate in the midst of normal family coming and goings. And if you have clients come to your home office, having a soundproof wall will both keep your conversations confidential, and give your clients the impression that your family life is more sedate than it might actually be. You’ll be able to focus on your work in peace, and for tasks like bookkeeping and writing, having a soundproof wall can be essential.

The increased productivity you achieve thanks to having installed a soundproof wall, in fact, might even lead to enough extra income that the expense of the soundproof wall will be covered.

Building A Soundproof Wall

If you are handy, you can create a soundproof wall from you existing one without too much difficulty. Just glue a sheet of half-inch drywall, with cork cushioning under it for added sound deadening if you wish, over your existing wall. Gluing is necessary because using nails will transmit sound. Using an extra layer of drywall to build your soundproof wall won’t cost you too much floor space, and will seal any small gaps in the existing wall which might be letting sound through.

There are other techniques for creating a soundproof wall from an existing one, and if you’d like to lean more about them, contact a local building contractor through the area homebuilders’ association.

As more people are working from home, the need for a permanent working space that is quiet has become a must. Make sure you utilize a soundproof wall system for your home office. This helps keep your business calls, brainstorming, conference calls, and other business communications from disrupting the rest of the household. In like manner, it prevents the normal sounds of people being at home from breaking into your thought processes while you are doing your work. Less interruptions means more productivity, which translates into more income for you and your family.

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