The Little Trucks That Could


Here in Virginia, we have everything from dense and robust forests to major cities. When you need to do work up high, whether it be in on the roof of a house or up in the trees, aerial bucket trucks are the way to go. Aerial bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers and basket crane trucks, have been helping companies to do work faster and safer for years. What kinds of industries use aerial bucket trucks? How can they improve my business? These are a couple of the questions I will look to answer in this article.

Everyone has seen an aerial bucket truck on the side of the road with busy workers buzzing about, getting their work done. So what industries would make use of one of these trucks? The answer is any industry that would use a ladder. Examples of these industries include construction, forestry, city maintenance, and home improvement. Many industries can utilize a tool such as this, regardless of whether a job is big or small, everything from trimming trees to changing the light bulbs of street lamps. These trucks come in all sizes to fit any job; there isn’t a job that they can’t handle. Any place where a job needs to be done off the ground, aerial bucket trucks make it easier.

So how can an aerial bucket truck help out your business? If your business is currently using ladders on a regular basis then an aerial bucket truck is for you. Think about how much time is wasted going up and down ladders and how easy it would be instead to just move the bucket over. The amount of time you could save, not to mention how much it easier it would be on your employees, is staggering. Thousands of ladder related accidents happen every year. The amount of time it takes to find a new worker, then train him, will cost your company and hurt its efficiency. Using an aerial bucket truck in Roanoke, Virginia will not prevent every accident, but it does add a powerful machine to your disposal that is much safer than what you were using before.

Buying a large tool like an aerial bucket truck isn’t for every company, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need one from time to time. PLREI is the largest supplier of aerial bucket trucks Roanoke, Virginia. They even rent them out for those companies that are not in the market to buy but still need one occasionally for a large job. All new trucks are regulated by DOT, the Department of Transportation, so you know they were built with safety in mind. With a track record for helping businesses get more work done faster, aerial bucket trucks are a tool that needs to be looked into.