Air Conditioning Installation Services Buyer Guide

Air Conditioning Installation Services – Buyer Guide


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HVAC is an acronym for the closely related functions of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. The three central functions of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning are interrelated, providing thermal comfort, acceptable indoor air quality, within reasonable installation, operation, and maintenance costs. HVAC systems can provide ventilation, reduce air infiltration, and maintain pressure relationships between spaces. How air is delivered to, and removed from spaces is known as room air distribution.

In modern buildings the design, installation, and control systems of these functions are integrated into one or more HVAC systems. The indoor comfort levels of a building depends on two main categories of elements, the one which is a part of the building equipment and the other one which is a part of building envelope. HVAC systems for the part of first element aslso referred to as active element which forms the part of building equipments. These are dimensioned according to the regional climatic conditions and the type of building envelope.

The efficiency of HVAC system depends upon both active elements (formed mainly by thermal systems and distribution systems) and passive elements (including insultation, passive ventilation and utilisation and protection of solar radiations). Whether you are building a new office or doing major renovation on an older building, a central Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is a major component and provides a very good return on investment for the owner, improving the overall comfort and resale value of the building.


There are three main things to consider when thinking of appointing a new servicing company for Heating and Air Conditioning system:

1. Do they have tools and expertise to handle any size event and get the system in place quickly and efficiently?

2. Do they offer maintenance along with installation?

3. Do they offer price competitive and prompt service ?

If any company answer “Yes” to all these questions, then it is worth considering because for success of your renovation or new building project you need a company which is an expert in the installation of full mechanical services including all aspects of heating, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, design and maintenance and all aspects of domestic, industrial and commercial contracts.

Highly skilled HVAC contractors are very crucial to enhance the life of your systems and keep them running. The type of maintenance needed will depend on the type of HVAC systems installed, and how old they already are. This will also determine the cost of maintenance of your installed HVAC system .

Always use the services of a reputed company for annual maintenance of existing units and installation and project planning of new equipment in all your sites. This single factor will determine the overall efficiency and comfort of your building.

It is beneficial to have a good working relationship with the company which is further strengthened when the prices offered are competitive and prompt service to all your requests for assistance. Like any other equipment and its maintenance, it is also important to have both reactive and preventative maintenance contracts with the company. Any company offering both the options will be able to offer a professional service and in suggesting possible alternatives and recommendations when necessary.

The other important factor is the staff of the company. As in case of any type of maintenance, time holds the key. So select a company whose staff is always on time, well equipped and knowledgeable in their approach to the job and continue to keep you updated on the progress of the repair; including any lead time on parts. This is ensure that you never have to chase them to return to finish a job.

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