Gta Homeowner’s Guide To Replacement Windows: Increasing Home Value 101

GTA Homeowner’s Guide To Replacement Windows: Increasing Home Value 101


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Are you selling your home? Or maybe the house just needs a fresh and modern renovation. Replacement windows are an affordable and easily overlooked exterior renovation project which will make an overall big impression on potential buyers. Aside from the aesthetic quality that replacement windows bring to a home, they are a truly unique renovation, in the fact that replacement windows save money in the long term. Replacement windows are the practical exterior renovating solution to savings on heating and cooling bills. Residents of Toronto, Markham, Mississauga and Oakville use the eco-friendly, family owned Torwin Windows & Doors to breathe new life into home design, while offering affordable solutions to exterior renovation requirements.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

1. Old Windows are Energy Vampires

Single pane windows are very inefficient. If a homeowner notices drafts, loss of heat and high bills, a window inspection to determine if replacement windows are required, is recommended.

2. Replacement Windows Boost Resale Value

As if saving money and energy consumption is not already an incentive to deciding on replacement windows, this simple exterior renovation will also boost the resale value of any home. Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value report,” states that upscale vinyl and wood replacement windows resulted in an 81.2% recovery rate. Replacement windows are a worthy investment.

3. Damaged and Rotting Windows Reflect Poorly

Even the most beautiful house will appear shabby, with peeling frames or rotting wood. Replacement windows reinvigorate the exterior of the home, adding a fresh touch to a dated look. By comparison, replacement windows are an inexpensive renovation job, compared to other home improvement services.

Replacement windows have become a very rewarding renovation experience for homeowners. The service providers for replacement windows, such as Torwin Windows & Doors, will assist with selecting the right window and frame to suit the style of home, and to coincide with personal preferences. Modern replacement windows offer the ability to add personal flair to any home, enhancing the homeowner’s tastes with a variety of colours and shapes, for frames in and outside of the home.

New windows can bring more sunlight into the house; preserve the colour of furniture and paintings, while adding an affordable remedy to high energy bills. Replacement windows are a great opportunity to change the look of the home. By replacing a basic and boring old window with a bay window and seat, the home immediately takes on a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. An awning window increases ventilation but will also add an antique style to a home with a more traditional look. They are also one of the easiest replacement windows to install. A replacement windows project is an affordable and enjoyable renovation service for homeowners looking to increase the value of their investment. There are many options to suit any need, and to add a personal flair suited toward any style.

Torwin Windows & Doors are an eco-conscious replacement windows company. They use wood from reforestation projects, and promote their replacement windows for energy conservation, and cost saving solutions. For more information on replacement windows, and exterior renovation services visit, Torwin.

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