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With the financial crisis going on, sometimes it is hard to save up some money for your own leisure. But what if a big concert from your favorite artist is coming up? What if your favorite sports team would be playing in a nearby arena? You would be very disappointed if you pass up the opportunity to be part of this event.

After all your hard work, you want to reward yourself with a good night out by going to concert or watch a basketball or a football game. But sometimes with all the expenses you pay for every month, you find it hard to allot some of your budget for these things. Cheap tickets will definitely make your day.

Ways to Find Cheap Tickets

You can always look for cheap tickets online. There are web sites that sell discounted tickets for people who purchase tickets online. The good thing about looking online is that there are a number of web sites who sell tickets for certain unique event, so you can compare prices and choose the cheapest there is.

There are also individuals who actually resell their tickets for a concert or a game online. They probably bought tickets then found out that they won’t be able to attend the event. When the date is nearing and they haven’t sold their tickets, there is a big chance that they will drop the price a bit lower.

You can also get cheap tickets by going to the location of the event just before it starts. Usually, there are people outside who have extra tickets and would not want their money go to waste, so they just sell their tickets outside the venue at a cheaper rate. The good thing here is you can negotiate with them as well to lower the price further.

Another way to get cheap tickets is by inviting a lot of family members and friends. You have to watch out for promotions as there are some ticket sellers that offer huge discounts if you purchase tickets by the bulk. Besides, the more the merrier so inviting your cousins is a good idea after all.

If there is a local event near your area like a concert in a school or a university, you can volunteer to help out with the work at the concert. In exchange for you helping out, they may offer you a cheap ticket to the concert or even a free one. However you may need to do some work during the concert.

You may also know someone in the music industry. He may be able to find a way to give you discounted tickets. If you are lucky, he may be invited to watch the concert for free and you can tag along with him.

How About a Free Ticket

If there is a will, there is a way. If you’re desperate and you don’t have any money to spend even for cheap tickets, there are actually ways to obtain free tickets.

You can join a contest on the radio that gives out free concert or other event tickets. It is not easy though because you can’t just ask for it, you have to win it. But hey, if you win, you get a free ticket. Not a bad deal at all.

There are also some games or trivia online that give away free tickets. Some web sites offer these games so that online surfers will visit their site by the thousand per day. These are rare offers but it doesn’t hurt to check it out. You may be surprised to find one.

There are plenty of ways to find cheap tickets. You just need to put in some extra effort to find one. Watching your favorite artist perform in front of you or watching your favorite athlete make his signature moves may not be far from being true.

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