How To Appeal A Parking Ticket The Correct Way

Submitted by: Fred Mistan

Getting a parking ticket is never a nice feeling upon returning to your car, nor is the fine a cheap one. This situation usually leaves you with two options; either you pay the fine or in a small amount of cases appeal the parking ticket. Whatever oudo please do not ignore the parking ticket as it will not go away. The Council will send the Bailiffs round to collect the parking fine and with their charges each parking ticket you ignore could cost up to a ?1000!

In the times of the recent financial crunch, less the money wasted on a parking ticket the better it is for you. This is one of the reasons people are realizing the reason to appeal a fine. There is nothing to lose and the only cost incurred is that of a stamp and the time to e-mail the local Council to appeal the fine.

Before it is explained to you how the appeal process works it is advised not to pay the fine before appeal. In the eyes of the Law, you have the right to appeal and you can always exercise that. If you have already paid the fine, you can also restart the process. For example, if you have paid by credit, you can request the credit card company to charge back. Or, you can also go to the small claims court within 6 years of receiving the parking ticket and claim the amount.

Have a thorough look at the parking ticket. That you can appeal is written on it. There is usually a postal address and sometimes e-mail address too where you can send your appeal.

Your appeal letter should be laid out in short paragraphs and which should be easy for the reader to understand without the use of loads of technical terms. It also should be polite, to the point and not come across as threatening or rude to the reader.

You can show the following reason/s in order to highlight that a parking ticket was issued to you wrongfully.

Reasons can be:

* I was not driving the car.

* At that point of time, my car was stolen.

* The alleged contravention did not occur in other words the traffic warden got it wrong.

* There was insufficient signage.

* There was a break down.

* The fine amount is not affordable to me.

Any other reasons for your appeal can be added to support your claim.

Evidence will be very useful, especially in forms of photographs.

When you are sending the appeal, send photocopies and by means of recorded delivery.

Still confused on how to appeal and on what grounds you can appeal and if you have a chance of winning? Then you can either spend hours and hours researching on the internet or you can go to a company online who help you appeal parking ticket and where you will find lots of useful information on appealing a parking ticket.

They may also personally help you with your appeal. With nearly two thirds of motorists successfully winning an appeal with a bit of expert help the chances of winning are almost a 100% and all it takes is one simple letter.

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